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CCTV Installation Abbey Wood

Security Camera Installation in Abbey WoodEast London CCTV is the leading security camera installation and repair company operating in the Abbey Wood area. We specialise in providing tailor made affordable security solutions for homeowners and business managers offering the latest cutting edge technologies available.

Security Camera Systems

Our experience of providing CCTV solutions in Abbey Wood allows us to provide a bespoke security camera installation design that matches your unique requirements and personal budget. Whether that requirement is for a simple single camera solution for your home or a complex multi camera solution for your commercial premises our expert installation team are here to provide free advice and a free site survey. The technology used to provide protection has tumbled in price in the past couple of years so we are confident that we can provide a solution for any budget.

Our CCTV installation team has over twenty years valuable experience of working in Abbey Wood and throughout the entire SE2 postcode area of West Heath so can provide a level of local knowledge and expertise that simply cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Home Security Cameras In Abbey Wood

CCTV Maintenance Company In Abbey WoodWe are an independent CCTV specialist operating daily within Abbey Wood and unfortunately we have seen the rise in crime and burglaries in the area that means that everyone needs to take the necessary measures to keep their property and belongings safe from harm. Home security cameras are probably the single most effective and affordable way to protect your property. There’s no need to just take our word for it, the latest published research from the Home Office states that a burglar is 82% less likely to target your property if it’s protected by a home security camera. These figures prove how powerful deterrent CCTV protection is but equally as important is the fact that camera footage can be used in court to prosecute an intruder.

The range of home security camera features that we can provide includes.

Wireless Security Cameras – The latest technology means we can often install a system with no wires meaning that you have a quick, tidy installation with the need for no drilling of your walls.

CCTV Camera Maintenance – If you have any problems with an existing camera system or are considering a system upgrade we have a maintenance team working in Abbey Wood every day.

Remote Camera Access – Cameras can be linked to your laptop, Iphone or Android device to allow you to check on your property from wherever you are in the world giving you complete peace of mind.

Motion Detection – New highly energy efficient cameras detect the slightest movement and activate the cameras into action.

Outdoor Cameras – Can be displayed or hidden to cover your property footprint.

Night Vision Cameras – Once expensive technology now available to all allows you to capture footage in the darkest of conditions.

Protect Your Business

SE2 based home security specialistsWe will design a CCTV system to provide the maximum possible protection for your business premises, your staff and your systems. Our engineers will design a system that will meet your individual requirements but within the limitations of your budget.

Security camera installation provides 24 hour recorded surveillance to protect your business and significantly reduce the chances of a break in. Our team can help design a system that can protect your business against intruders, shoplifters, employee theft and vandals potentially saving your business thousands of pounds per year.

Whether you require a new installation or an upgrade to your existing system we are happy to provide a free no obligation quotation.

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Our team of CCTV installers are operating daily in the Abbey Wood area and can offer a same day appointment if required. Once we have undertaken a free security camera site survey we will provide a full written quotation within 24 hours.

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