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When considering television services you may decide to join a subscription TV  service, like Sky TV that charges a monthly fee to access. However, for digital satellite services there could be an alternative which is Freesat. Freesat could be described as being similar to Freeview but instead of being received via digital signal it is actually received via satellite. This tends to mean that it will suffer slightly more interference than Freeview when weather conditions are very poor although it is also a much newer service. It is provided by both BBC and ITV to enable them to reach as many people as possible in the UK without interruption.

Freesat is available to many people across the UK including London and Essex and as TV aerial and satellite installation experts we are able to help install this service to people across all parts of London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

At East London Aerials we understand that television technology can be tricky to get to grips with and so we offer simple Freesat installation services throughout this area to help get people started. We can set up Freesat services from scratch, add them to other rooms in a home or install Freesat into commercial premises. Whatever the circumstance we would be happy to give a no obligation quotation for Freesat.

As independent television professionals we have no hidden agenda when it comes to recommending which television service might be beneficial to a particular circumstance. This is why we can help and support our clients to find out how Freesat could work for them. Our recommendations are completely unbiased and are based only on what is best for them. East London Aerials employees have a minimum of 5 years industry experience which means that they have experience and the relevant training and education to help customers be informed about a new Freesat installation.

Can I receive Freesat reception London, Essex, HertfordshireThere are various different options when choosing Freesat and our installers can help with any combination. The original Freesat SD system itself has over 70 channels and 25 radio channels and so is very like Freeview but more commonly now users are choosing Freesat HD system which is the same but with additional HD channels to access also. Our trained installers can help you get started on any type of service. As the service requires an external satellite we will need to attach this to a property. If for any reason this isn’t possible then we can help you with a different kind of television service. Our Freesat TV experts are also trained to work at heights and this will be taken into account for any Freesat installation.

Like other satellite services it could be that a person with an existing Freesat service wants to add multi room options to their home or business. This could stop squabbling at home or enable easier shared conference facilities in the workplace and either scenario is one we could help with at East London Aerials.

For anyone looking for a Freesat installation we would be very much open to any questions and we will help wherever we can prior to installation to ensure the product is right for our client. Homes and businesses in Walthamstow, New Southgate and Highbury can be assured that we have their best installation at heart when designing any television install.

We offer quotes with no obligation and we would be happy to discuss the benefits of Freesat television without any outside influence. We understand that the Freesat product must be right for the client which is why our installers make an appointment to come and discuss the options available. It may also be possible to get an appointment on the same day.

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